WT Bio

Wilderness Trailblazer started in 2013. We are a school that teaches wilderness survival and bushcraft skills. Shane is a full time preacher and a part time professor. He stays busy in the ministry and with his family. On the side he has always enjoyed the outdoors as well as deer hunting. For the past 9 years he has enjoyed learning wilderness survival, being self-reliant, and woodsman skills. He has been to three survival schools, continues reading books, putting dirt time in the outdoors.

We offer three classes which are two days and two night courses.

1. Wilderness Trailblazer... Survival Skills Basic $250 (This covers your shirt and class.)
2. Wilderness Trailblazer... Survival Skills Advanced $400 (This covers your shirt, class, and class materials)
3. Wilderness Trailblazer... Survival Skills Primitive Camp $400 (In this class we put everything we learned into practice for a stay out in the woods.)This is an invitation only class.

Click here to download the Wilderness Trailblazer Class Catalog.